The webpage is maintained by ‘Naver’, which is one of the main service provided by ©NAVER Corp. ‘Naver’ is a huge company that provides every kind of services not only  relating to web service, but also the services relating to games, fashion, online literature and some of social activities. To some extend, ‘Naver’ is similar to ‘Google’, but it is more sticking to real life matters and accounts for more than 80% of total Korean web usage(Desktop Access), while the second most used portal site takes up for only 15%, though recently merged rising Korean internet company Kakao Corp.

As the one of ‘Naver’ service, it provides ‘cafe’ feature that enables users to make their own website(cafe) without extra charge. ‘Super Mario Community’ is one of them, and maintained by ‘Naver’. The cost of running servers are afforded by the advertisement hung below the website.


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