The screenshot above is the ‘Super Mario Community’ in Korean. As the website doesn’t feature foreign language support, the whole site is written in Korean.

The webpage structure is a bit complicated. What you first see when accessing the page is the top header image saying ‘SUPER MARIO Community’. This is what we call ‘logo’, and  for the time being the design follows that of ‘Paper Mario Color Splash’, which is to be released in a month. The webpage continuously changes its header image(a.k.a logo) when new releases are announced with their new title typo.

Under the header image the main contents are being shown. Now that info on ‘Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS’ is being the hot issue, the image showing ‘Super Mario Maker’ is being hung at the top of the website below the header image. The buttons under the ‘Super Mario Maker 3DS’ is quick navigation menu for the main features&contents of the website. From left is the site announcement, news, walkthrough, about Super Mario Community. Down the navigation menu are another quick links for members, such as official Nintendo homepage or facebook account run by Nintendo Korea.

To the right, you can see all the bulletin boards, which are mainly arraged by the game title. This boards(forums) are for walkthrough, or sharing info on the games. Some of these boards are specialized in sharing records(obviously these are for time attack or speed run) or uploading wallpapers, etc.

The rest parts of the main page consist of widgets showing the latest articles, wallpapers and greetings from the new members, the most active members lists, the time and weather of Seoul, Korea which is the capital city of South Korea.


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